Stressed about money?

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You are not alone!

There’s plenty of evidence around to suggest that many people, just like you, are finding it difficult to deal with their finances. Did you know that:

  • financial stress is the No.1 cause of relationship breakdown, according to Relationships Australia research.
  • one in 4 Australians with a job struggled to make ends meet -according to AMP 2016 Financial Wellness Report
  • a 2018 report by ME found that many households’ financial situation is getting worse with 40% of households reporting rising living costs as a key reason their financial situation is deteriorating.

Money worries are nothing to be ashamed of. Given that most of us were never taught how to deal with money, it’s really no surprise that some of us haven’t quite “nailed” it yet.

If you’re looking for honest, open, non-judgmental help with your money issues from someone who is dedicated to finding real world solutions for your situation then contact me now! Together we will develop a spending plan that can radically reduce the stress and chaos of financial management, and put you back in control.



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