Refund Policy


As a Spending Planner and a member of the Spending Planner’s Institute it is my aim to please, but I realise that no matter how hard I try and no matter how good I believe my product might be, there is always the possibility that someone will not be happy with their experience.


  • The software we use is provided via third party for a small monthly access fee. Access to the software and the monthly payment can be cancelled at any time but a refund is not possible.

Consultation & Spending Plan Set-Up

  • There is no refund on the initial consultation or spending plan set up fee.

Monitoring Program

  • There is no refund on the monthly monitoring program offered but the monthly payments can be cancelled and the service discontinued at any time after our initial agreement has ended.

Full Refund Guarantee

Centsability is happy to offer a full refund for all fees paid to Centsability if all of the following conditions are met:

  • You have completed all steps of the full Centsability spending plan program as outlined in your enrolment agreement
  • You can demonstrate that you have not saved an amount equal to the Centsability Spending Planner fee charged to you.

Please note the refund guarantee is only applicable to the fees paid to Centsability and does not cover the software monthly access fee which is paid directly by you to a third party.

Policy last reviewed 25 August 2018