How does it work?

Your own personal detailed plan, the right bank account structure, a simple software system and effective coaching to help you take back control of your finances once and for all…..

Step 1: Plan 

It all starts with an initial consultation where we get to know you and your situation, we explore what your life and financial goals are and set about building your own personal spending plan.

Step 2: Bank Accounts

At this stage we work with you to make sure that you have the right bank account structure and we will also analyse the best way to pay down your debts and advise how long it will take to be debt free.

Step 3: Software 

We will help you set up your plan on our powerful and easy to use software so as you and your Centsability Spending Planner can monitor your progress and make any adjustments you see fit from your computer, laptop or mobile phone all with 24/7 convenient access.

Step 4: Mentoring 

You can rely on your Centsability Spending Planner to support you every step of the way and teach you all the financial skills that you need to keep your finances on track for life.